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The Cellar

The Cellar

The extension of the La Farinera Vins winery is a construction of the year 2011. It is thought and created not only to increase the capacity, but also to improve the work and the quality of our wines. The new winery allows us to work in gravity, thus eliminating the use of pumps, avoiding seed breakage and high pressures.

We must also highlight the facilities, since they help us to work at much lower levels of sulfur, thanks to an inert gas circuit (nitrogen and carbon mixture) that each of the tubs have, thus avoiding possible alterations in the wine.

In our way of working, hygiene plays a very important role, that is why we work with tubs, machines and stainless material. However, the key is in the raw material (the grape), which arrives in our warehouse in an excellent sanitary state.


Rasquera is located in the south of Catalonia, forming part of the well-known DO Tarragona.


The area is characterized by the warm Mediterranean climate, ideal for the elaboration of quality wines.


We care for and graze the vineyards to produce the right amount.


A modern winery managed by a young winemaker and winemaker.